Our team is always here to help you in any way we can and to make you feel comfortable at Hellgate Family Dental. Each of our members plays an important role in helping our dentist provide you with care. If you have any questions about your visit with Dr. Brandon Sturgell, we can answer them and help you have a positive experience. Call 406-543-6320 to schedule your dental care with us in Missoula, Montana.


Registered Dental Assistant

Meet Nichole, a Registered Dental Assistant, Nichole became an indispensable part of our team on May 8th, 2023. With over seven years of experience as a licensed Dental Assistant and several valuable certifications under her belt from Brightwood College, including BLS, N2O, and blood-borne pathogens, Nichole brings immense expertise. Her favorite aspect of being a part of our practice is the opportunity it provides her to educate patients about preventative oral health. Away from her professional life, Nichole harbors a keen interest in tattoo artistry and is actively building her tattoo business.


Registered Dental Assistant

Meet Samantha, our Registered Dental Assistant, she became a key part of our practice in May 2023. Hailing from a respectable background of serving in the Montana Army National Guard for four years, she brings discipline, drive, and dedication to our team. What makes Samantha an indispensable asset to our practice is not just her exceptional professional skills, but also her contagious sense of humor. With her constant display of wit and humor, she lightens the atmosphere and cultivates a warm, welcoming environment for all patients and staff. She cherishes being a part of our practice, for it has given her an opportunity to work with a diverse and vibrant team, which has subsequently fueled her passion for learning and growing in her profession. Outside the practice, Samantha is a committed family person, who enjoys spending quality time with her stepdaughter and significant other. An ardent admirer of the outdoors, she finds joy in venturing out into nature with her loved ones.


Registered Dental Hygienist

Kim joined the dental profession in 1998 as a dental assistant and continued her education to become a dental hygienist in 2008, graduating with a BSDH from Texas Woman’s University. In addition to dental hygiene, Kim is an Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist, which helps to balance oral resting posture, correct swallow disorders and relieve symptoms of TMJ dysfunction. She is also a certified Buteyko Breathing Educator. Kim is passionate about educating patients and providing gentle care with compassion and respect. Kim is happily married with four children and a sweet Aussiedoodle named Brownie. Outside of the office, Kim enjoys rock climbing, painting and staying active in church.


Insurance and scheduling coordinator

Meet Cassia, Our Insurance and Scheduling Coordinator, she has been strengthening our operations since May 12, 2023. With over two decades of experience in insurance coordination, her contributions have been beneficial to the growth and success of our practice. Being part of such an excellent team is what Cassia enjoys the most about her role. On a personal note, Cassia is a devoted wife and a mother of three. Her free time is filled with family camping trips and invigorating road trips.


Front Desk

Meet Dolly, our diligent and dedicated Front Desk Receptionist, who joined the practice in June 2014. She anchors the heartbeat of our dental office, ensuring the front desk operations run as smoothly as possible. Dolly enjoys interacting with our wonderful patients and is an integral part of our exceptional team here at the practice. Aware of the impact of her role, she continually contributes to the success of our practice with her professional efficiency and patient-centric approach.



Max Guess joined our dental team as an Assistant in 2023. Despite his modest comment that the staff is ‘okay’, Max proves to be an indispensable asset to our team. He significantly contributes to the practice’s success through his diligent assistance. A native of Washington, Max has a fondness for reading and enjoys the excitement of competitive hot-air balloon racing.

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